Creative Break

creative break


This is all very exciting to announce! As of last month, we have started a collaboration with The School of Life, becoming part of their Therapy faculty. Readers that have been following Strategy for quite some time might remember TSOL from many posts we have shared their amazing videos in. They have a great editorial platform and provide people with inspiring courses, seminars and now also therapeutic support which also includes career support. We are very proud to have taken part in this exciting new venture.

Now, with great rewards come great responsibilities and therefore our weekly schedule, which we have diligently ensured since the very onset of Strategy – it’s been 7 years folks! – is proving to be a bit challenging to keep up. All because we care about the quality of the content put here and not want to see it turning in just a quick bite of words. Therefore the decision to pass on a monthly basis until it feels appropriate to hopefully return to a full weekly schedule.

In the meantime, the time apart from you readers will not be wasted! Following these important steps, we will devote our attention to successfully perform a true creative break. Do you also want to know how to?

1 — Slow down & simply do nothing

2 — Enjoy a good book

3 — Dive into the Nature Experience

4 — Good ol’ offline games: Play

5 — Color therapy: Sketching, doodling, drawing, coloring books, whatever suits you

6 — Family time

7 — Rediscover your interests

.. every time I feel my life is filling up I demand to myself to go back to basics, to find time for things I am more passionate about. Those activities will give me an extra dose of energy for a more demanding lifestyle.

8 — Meditate


How does this sound? I will love to read comments and, hopefully, a longer break will also give you time to re-discover our older entries. Talk soon!