Programmed to Change / Programmati al cambiamento


This week just a quick reminder of the immense achievements we’ve already build in our life, at every stage we might be, doing whatever we’re doing. Just by simply being, experiencing change and adapting.

As Woody Allen righteously said

“My brain: it’s my second favourite organ.”

and I would add – because it is, in fact, remarkably programmed for Change, which is the main experience all of us have in our life.

We might tend to forget this but as long as we live we learn so much in all the little things and we’re always learning. We think. We perform a large repertoire of series of actions, we even create problems out of nowhere. If nothing, this is a way of showing how sophisticated our mind can be.

Everyone is different in the way they adapt in life and in the experiences they live which will shape that adaption. Scientists call this neuroplasticity. It has been proved that, for example, change induced by skill learning are massive. How does this all impact our emotional experience? Our sense of fulfilment? Ultimately, our happiness?

We’ll discuss this theme further and broader but, for now, let’s leave it in this initial connection:

the brain is programmed to and forĀ change, therefore we are.

The other way that we will ultimately come to consider this literature and the science that is important to you is in a consideration of how to nurture yourself. Now that you know, now that science is telling us that you are in charge, that it’s under your control, that your happiness, your well-being, your abilities, your capacities,are capable of continuous modification, continuous improvement, and you’re the responsible agent and party.

Enjoy the video and for those of you who might prefer to read there is a link to the interactive transcript or subtitles that can be added to the video.