Process / Processo


There’s absolutely nothing wrong in the will to make a better person of ourselves, achieving self-growth and expand our capabilities, knowledge and skills. Quite the contrary, one would support the idea that it is, in fact, the best way to approach life in general, with a meaning. There is, nonetheless, a possible difficult side on this.

For one, being fully devoted to a constant and even never-ending self-growth path might turn, at times, into an utter inability to experience present life as it is. Uncomplete, imperfect, partial.

Second, satisfaction on a path of self-expansion only it’s supposed to come at the end and therefore no experience before that is, therefore, fully remarkable.

When this path turns into a life’s mission, both if confined into a specific passion or project or generalized into all areas of our living, this never-fully-achieved completion means also never feeling content, happy.

As some of you I also sometimes struggle with neverending self-expansion goals and the general -professionally driven I’d say – approach to problem-solving life; as a result, I truly have to remind myself to put my mind actively into perspective to avoid burning out.

Here are few strategies I often follow:

Focus on the present – we can never be sure where we’re going to end up since we are all connected with the world and the people around us in a neverending cycle of interdependence. So if you really want to be sure of something, be sure of what you’ve achieved so far and what you are now, today, in this present moment. Appreciate the imperfect self you are now because it is all that you truly have for sure.

Trust the process – as much as you know what you’re doing it is difficult to feel on top of everything all the time. You need to allow a little bit of chaos to balance the organization and the planning otherwise you’re creating extreme rigidity around you. Remember, as the oriental philosophies teach us, bamboo is a symbol of strength among plants since it is flexible, adaptable and – therefore- resilient, resistant. If you need to endure setbacks, change plan, adapt to new scenarios and modify strategies do it, as long as you’re keeping the goal clear ahead. Happiness is a Journey, not a destination.

Take your time, relax and celebrate. Every step is important, every stone laid out forms the path. When you have to go slow, embrace it, when you need to speed up, adjust. Celebrate small accomplishments as well as bigger ones, you need this more than you think to recharge batteries and continue to strive for more.