Self Esteem / Sicurezza personale

by simonacampli

What is Self Esteem:

Self-Esteem = How much we like ourselves

The above video analyzes the fundamental process of creation and building of self-esteem.

Major points:

Independent from external objective results -> since we are the ones setting the standard to achieve.

Influenced by – as proposed by different psychological theories

• parents past achievements – feeling proud of our own selves

• peer group

• conditional vs unconditional love received

As much as our experiences count, eventually Self Esteem is influenced by our ability to coming to terms with our past.

Building your own Self Esteem

So what if we feel we should improved our level of Self Esteem instead?

• being conscious if there is any risky tendency of chasing perfection

• be present to the moment – living consciously

• practicing self-acceptance: avoid comparison

Improve what you can change and learn to accept what you can’t

• taking more self – responsibility

• being grounded to your values: self awareness. Saying no, explaining your reasons to people who are important to you

• living purposefully

Practicing a better Self Esteem day by day.