Innovation Coaching


In my mission to improve strategic and creative development for businesses, I’m at my best when I work with conscious businesses, social entrepreneurs and ethical ventures, promoting positive impact for the environment and the people who inhabit our beautiful planet.

Experiencing a need of support is common and human and makes a lot of sense in business, especially if you implement a triple bottom line, creating profit while you also care for the people and the planet. After all, you need to sustain your project to sustain others.

Talking more practically, here’s an initial, not-comprehensive list of things I can help you with:

Soft skills support : emotional balance, assertiveness, creativity, inspiring leadership, improving the comunicative flow, strategic problem solving, stress-management, resilience, honing change instead of putting up with it

establishing an appropriate narrative & copywriting

strengthen team and brand identity

relationship building

 maximizing project management

conflict resolution & negotiation

leading positive criticism

work/life balance

designing actionable goals

strategic work allocation

time management

nourishing your sense of purpose

Feel free to drop me a line to discuss a tailored intervention.