Old Habits


Verne Ho

Many times in our journey to positive change we fall back into old habits. These could be things we actively recognised as creating or maintaining problems that, through reflection, brought us in this path of growth, or could be small but unhelpful habits that represent hurdles to our movement. So what to do?

• First of all, it is crucial to be mindful of the emotional impact of a setback. It is not easy to embark on a true change but also it is never a linear process. Some small back and forward are completely understandable and shouldn’t cause a huge loss of faith in the process. On the other hand, these difficult moments can be a signal that something in ourselves is bringing us backwards, maybe a sudden loss of motivation or even a physical challenging state. To make an example, are you having enough sleep?

Without excessive drama, we should be our best friend in a difficult moment, give us some space for venting and let go before pushing us back on the right track.

• Secondly, look at the secondarygain. Old habits are hard to break yes, but this is also because sometimes there is a secondary gain that is simply too hard to give up. Once having looked into what it could be, we can find alternative, more positive ways to satisfy the same needs, without sabotaging our process of change.

• Look at the context: any other source of stress that you could act on?

• Ask How to worsen the situation? If you push yourself immediately back on track without raising your awareness on the process you’re currently stuck on, you risk postponing the same situation in the future over and over again.

• When you feel you’re back on the journey to positive change don’t overdo it, start with little daily actions.

• Always reward yourself for what you’ve achieved, every day of every week. As small as it may seem you’re achieving it with your own strength. Good job!

*Strategy is going away for another couple of weeks! See you when we’re back!*