Happiness at work / Felicità a lavoro


Matteo Vistocco


Many of us experience Monday mornings or coming back to work from holidays with a heavy-harted or even dire mood, mostly because the working side of our life is felt as un-excited, duty-led and generally opposed to happy and inspiring dispositions. But the lucky ones, on the contrary, feel no distinction in their personal and professional lives when it comes to enjoyment and spark, both areas are well balanced and source of positive vibes.

Would you like to join the latter group and start bringing happiness in your work?

First of all many studies show that meaningful, purpose-led professions are more prone to bring satisfaction, both on a material and spiritual level, plus a higher level of productivity.

But there are also other factors that can get you an influx of wellbeing and increase cooperation and collaboration with your work environment or within your team.

Work-Life Balance

Right after money income, having access to a good balance of time between personal and professional life is a good indicator of happiness at work. This can be negotiated to your boss if you’re employed or can be particularly tricky if you’re self-employed.


Flexibility – Control

Related to the above factor, it has been found that flexibility is something most people crave even more than a higher pay. Receiving flexibility as a work perk is related to a stronger feeling of control, something many of us value very importantly in their lives. As change is THE constant in life, knowing that our job will adapt to our changing needs make us feel more relaxed and grateful for it.

This means that jobs that focus on results rather than imposing a pre-definite schedule to people result in higher satisfaction, and higher satisfaction brings more productivity – according to research by consultants Bain & Company, an employee who feels inspired at work is nearly 125% more productive than a merely satisfied one. So, really, this is a win-win.


Time Off

Something that has been seen increasingly in the creative industries is a more innovative distribution of the time off. Rather than the usual amount of holiday weeks, other extra bits of time off are given with the result of, again, making people feel more respected and in control of their lives. As this change requires a business creative mindset, the names used to define the extra time off are also quite creative themselves: Duvet days, Inspiration days and so on 🙂


Other Benefits

From a nice office space to the option of working outside, to the gym in the office or the nursery or even receiving high specs tech instruments to make your work-life easier; all extra benefits that can really tip the balance towards positive and happy work vibes.


Personal development & Appreciation

Since purpose plays a big role in work satisfaction, sometimes this can be given back as a gift to show appreciation. While celebrating successes is more and more in the checklist of insightful work evaluations, receiving a bonus to spend on personal development can really make feel people grateful and upbeat in their jobs, while bringing back in the work-team extra competencies to share.