Walking Therapy Service

You know how beneficial can be to combine relaxed physical exercise with Brief Strategic Therapy?

More and more studies show that walking is one of the top activities to reduce stress, facilitate mindful meditation and encourage creativity. This while also offering a list of physical benefits as reorganizing sleeping patterns, reducing blood pressure and, well, overall making your body healthier and happier.

I live and work in an area of London that is blessed with an array of magical green paths and beautiful natural scenarios. So I thought why not bringing the therapeutic work outside the room, combining two of the most powerful practices to foster wellbeing?

The first session will be a regular one to one session that can be online or face to face. The cost of the first session is £55. During this initial meeting I will gather the information needed to design a walk in the direction of client’s preference and we will discuss together the basic arrangements.

After having agreed on the green space where our therapeutic journey will start, since there will be no extra cost to hire the space, the walking therapy sessions will also be cheaper than a regular indoor session

1h and a half -> £50

1 hour -> £40

There will be unfortunately time restrictions now that the winter season starts so availability is mainly daytime. Contact me for a list of options.


All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking – Friedrich Nietzsche